A friend and I were talking about how freeing some aspects of the Amish lifestyle must be.

What would my life look like if I escaped some of the trappings of modern Western civilization? Excessive hobbies, endless pursuit of personal pleasures, commitments {even good ones}, possessions, mind-numbing constant stream of technology in the most peripheral form.

I’ve slowly, and by slowly I mean over the course of several years, reduced a lot of personal life clutter.

What if I *ONLY* indulged in those pleasures that yield the highest rate of satisfaction {decorating for Christmas} and eliminated all the rest {I’m never going to actually craft}?

I’ll tell you one thing. I can hear God clearer. He doesn’t seem like the type to compete with me for my time and attention.

I might force my kids to give me their time and attention from time to time but my heart is full when they ask to spend time with me.

And I don’t even have carefully orchestrated complex plans for their lives linking their destinies to other people in ways that leave dramatic ripples of beauty and purpose to go on and on.

I tell God I want to consecrate my life to Him. What would He do if I were to act on that promise?

He gave me my family. My friends. My church. He means for me to enjoy them and take pleasure in the things that matter the very most. But how much of the rest can I strip away?

I aim to find out.

Dear Father God,

I thank you most graciously for my beautiful life. The pain that forms my character and the joys that lift my spirit.

Help me strip everything superfluous away.

And show me what you actually meant my life to look like. Do as you will. I will be waiting expectantly to go down any path You lead.

Your ways are higher than my ways. I’m a slow learner, but I’m getting it.

Something tells me the best is yet to come.

I ask for these favors and blessings,

In the holy name of Jesus Christ,


Be blessed!


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