If you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

Apostle Paul, Romans 10:9

Salvation is not a deeply complex series of commitments to a church or theology.

Watch this short clip from one of my favorite pastors, Dr. Tony Evans.

Prayer and Bible study are where you start. Don’t worry about lifestyle changes, holiness is a gentle process led by God. Evil wants you to believe you have to give up everything you love to follow God because that’s a brilliant way to get you to NOT want to follow God. Don’t believe it.

We are all sinners. Christianity won’t help you never sin, we live in a broken world. It will help you heal, it will help you find freedom from strongholds {burdens of sin you just can’t seem to let go}, it will help you find love from One who loves you even in the midst of your sin. You might find physical healing, discover purpose, make connections that lead to destiny, all sorts of radical beautiful benefits. But a sinless life? Keep striving, that’s the goal.

As God’s light begins to seal every crack in your soul, fill every dark corner of brokenness and pain, cleanse every searing memory of hurts and wrong doing, you’ll discover one day your life has changed almost imperceptible to wholly unrecognizable, in a good way.

When personal discipline is called on to cross a bridge, you’ll discover power you didn’t understand existed to help you make the journey. Some journeys are longer than others, just keep moving.

Your transformation is a natural process that takes place on the inside by the power of God.


Before I pray I like to read a little in the Bible if I can.

Need suggestions?

In the New Testament I love the books of James and 1 John.

In the Old Testament I love the stories in the book of Genesis and also the lives of Samuel, King David {remember David & Goliath?} and Solomon, David’s son.  1 Samuel, 2 Samuel and 1 Kings. 2 Kings is great too. There’s something ethereal and soul captivating for me in the words of Isaiah. I don’t even need to understand what I’m reading to be drawn in! I love the Old Testament, but most people prefer the New. Go where you’re drawn because that’s where you need to be.

Don’t skip anything! Sometimes the Holy Spirit has spoken to me clearest while I was learning how to build an ark or a temple or who begat who. It’s all in there for a reason and at different seasons in your life one area of the Bible will stand out more than others.

How exactly does the Holy Spirit speak to me?

It’s amazing really. God is not limited to any way in particular and your lack of experience will not be a barrier to hearing God’s voice! Sometimes I see visions of solutions to my problems. Like looking at a photograph on Pinterest, I literally see a static image. Sometimes I get a random thought that is a suggestion, answer to a question or word of encouragement. By doing what this inner voice, my own voice by the way, tells me to do and seeing what can only be described as miraculous or extraordinary results I have learned to tell the difference between my own natural inner monologue and the…timbre {I guess} of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I’ve randomly opened the Bible to a page and my eyes landed on a passage that EXACTLY addresses an issue I’m facing. One time I read 23 chapters and came across a passage that jumped off the page so powerfully I know God just wanted to see how bad I wanted it. I was fasting and I told God I wasn’t going anywhere until I heard an answer. Maybe don’t try to control God, He humored me I’m sure. Sometimes a friend or a stranger will say exactly the right thing and when I hear the words of advice or encouragement they ring true like an “aha!” moment. The words seem to “click” with my spirit. Songs, billboards, memes friends post on Facebook. The better you get at recognizing His voice, the more you will realize He was speaking to you all along.

God can literally use anything to speak to you, so don’t worry about how, just start looking expectantly and when you get ideas that are legal and helpful run with them! Worst case scenario, you did a good deed.

Anything you think you hear that would cause emotional distress to you or someone else, better ask God to send a couple more witnesses and also see what the Bible has to say about it. Before I married my husband and also before we bought our house God indulged me with 3 different powerful answers that I recognized as confirmation.

Then what? Find a Biblically based church and I’ve shared my experiences and thoughts on that on another page.

Be blessed!