There really is nothing amazing to tell about me. That’s not false humility, it’s honesty and I’m happy about it. Boring is fantastic and satisfying. Peaceful. Or shall I say not intentionally dramatic, life is only peaceful in bits and pieces.

At the moment, I’m 45 years old. I went to college for a couple of years in the early 90’s and served a mission for the Mormon church.

I married my husband and 25 year old daughter, Candy in 1996. Converted to Christianity in 1997, Steve and Jacqueline made their debuts in 1999 and 2001. I’m a stay-at-home mom to this day.

In fact that is sort of what brings me here. For years I’ve been asking God, “What’s next?”

Do I finish college? Get a job? My friends tell me to write a book but every time I start typing the words get stuck.

Like blank stuck. No words.

I looked into going back to college actually. It seemed like the perfect fit for a few moments. The local university would take most of my old college credits, I would graduate just as my son graduates high school and be building a career in time to help pay for college for the kids and contribute to my husbands retirement. Counseling to be specific.

God changed the path for me through my daughter, a story unto itself, which derailed me long enough to NOT make the financial and time commitment to college just as God had determined to take my mother home.

I will forever be grateful for the uncomplicated and beautiful last summer we had together. Rocking in gliders in her sunny living room, watching TV every day all day and soaking up our last weeks and hours as mother-and-daughter in this life.

God guided me through a grief process that was nothing short of miraculous. The Care Pastor at my church asked me to lead a Grief Share group. I watched all 13 videos in mind-blowing amazement realizing God had taken me by the hand and walked me through every single one of those steps Himself, even skipping a few that weren’t required to apply to me. Plus a few not video-worthy that I’ll get to on this blog for sure.

Deep grief was not part of my life story and He helped me jump over the ocean. It IS possible to walk on water when you need to.

The past few years I have been completely absorbed with studying 4 main topics: spiritual warfare, intercessory prayer, healing and deliverance ministry.

Up until a couple years ago I had never heard of spiritual warfare or deliverance ministry.

These topics ignited a passion in me I did not know existed!

Like I can’t get enough to tell you the truth. I read the book Destiny by Tony Evans and in it he describes finding your destiny as a passion so powerful you would be glad to do it for free. That’s me!

I’m not a teacher or an expert. I’m just a woman curious about the power of God and how to use it for healing and freedom in my life, and the lives of those who want my help.

This blog is my journey. Faith, healing, freedom, redemption. For myself or anyone else who can find something useful out of my journey.

Be blessed!



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