“You mute and deaf spirit, I command you; come out of him and never enter him again!”
Jesus Christ, Mark 9:25

How is it that we can read these words a thousand times and believe they no longer apply to modern society?

Is it so much easier to believe that you have an addiction, illness or character weakness you can’t shake in spite of books, classes, Pinterest ideas, prayer, Bible study, professional counseling, fasting, prescriptions, group classes, New Year’s resolutions, journaling, natural healing techniques or supplements, wishful thinking and vision board planning than to believe that there is an entity that somehow has some unspoken permission to terrorize and control some aspect of your life?

Welcome to the concept of deliverance ministry. Which is really no more complicated than a guided walk through prayer. Forget what you see in the movies.

Unless you’re familiar, I know it sounds like the outside edge of Christian-fringe, but it is one of the most thoroughly documented concepts the Bible speaks of regarding spiritual warfare.

I mean really, who are we fighting? Surely not simply our own sinful souls. Carry that thought, how did our souls get sinful? All roads lead back to someone. And that someone is alive and well and relishes the fact that most of us walk around in defeated fogs of self loathing at our inability to cast off shackles we don’t even realize we’re carrying.

It is most definitely time to bring delverance ministry out of the vaults of New Testament Christianity and into the light of modern serious study.

It’s not actually as unknown as some might think. I regularly attend a training class on this topic, which I found at a large church within walking distance of my home. I discovered that many people in my  own church are more than familiar with the teaching, though we don’t currently offer these types of healing services. My pastor is fully supportive of my growing knowledge and quite familiar, but he’s a new pastor to our church and has other more basic organizational fish to fry. One of my own church leaders attended the class I found by “accident”.

YouTube pastors, books, audio-teachings, websites, Christian healing centers…it’s out there.

And it’s exciting. Freedom from emotional or physical bondage can happen within minutes for those prepared to believe. Freedom feels amazing! I’ve walked myself through the steps of deliverance prayers and I’ve experienced freedom in areas where I didn’t even realize I was being oppressed!!!

Imagine being one prayer and maybe a few sessions of fasting away from a lifelong battle with some specific negative emotional weakness, chronic illness or addiction? I’ve experienced it, I’ve heard and read first-hand accounts of it and I’ve prayed for those who have been set free.

Freedom is everything you imagine it to be.

Deliverance ministry in no way replaces professional counseling or medical doctors however, and this is where misconceptions can arise in my opinion.

A virus is a virus, an emotionally abusive spouse usually feels justified. These are not cases for deliverance. Sometimes lightening just strikes. Seeing a demon around every corner and behind every problem is unbalanced.

I was praying with a couple one time and the Holy Spirit told me professional counseling was the starting point they needed. So I asked them to commit to a specific time of fasting, seek professional help then come back to me for the freedom they were seeking.

There’s a certain level of readiness required for deliverance to be effective. A measure of humility, a willingness to consecrate one’s heart to the will of the Lord, fruits of repentance for wrongdoing and forgiveness for those who have wronged you. Especially those who are not seeking the forgiveness. These steps tell the Lord that you trust Him. You are ready. And you will be able to take your freedom and do what it takes to maintain it.

Deliverance isn’t a free ride.

Remember a house swept clean leaves an open door that must be closed and locked with keys of thankfulness, worship, increased study and sometimes a period of fasting. But it’s still a clean house, and that is such an amazing feeling when you live in it.

I’m currently into the fourth week of a weekly fast and I’m tearing down the walls of the biggest stronghold in my life.

“This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting.”
Jesus Christ, Mark 9:29 NKJV

The journey is amazing. Freedom is crazy awesome. And worth a little bit of humility and openness. And sometimes a measure of true hunger.

Be blessed!


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