I frequently get asked the question “Can you recommend any books?”


In the bookstore* are books I have actually read, sometimes several times, and can highly recommend. The link below will open the store in a new window. Most of the books are religious in nature, a few are self-help/communications to aid with behavioral modification and I’ve added relevant fiction where it illustrates important ideas well. Such as The Screwtape Letters. Whatever works for you ~ do that!

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A note about the money. Yes. If you shop through my blog at all, I will get paid a small percentage. No, I’m not doing this for the money or I would monetize my site and invite advertisements. That’s not off the table but not where I believe I’m headed. My husband makes a comfortable living for our family and I am a stay-at-home mom. He is very kind indulging my desires to jump on worthy causes that cross my path here or there, but this might help. I can confidently say every penny goes to God’s purposes because we’re tithe payers who practice giving as a rule. You can’t out give God I say, but if I can find a way to give even more than we can afford, and in this I might, that would just be fantastic.

Be blessed!




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