View this list as a buffet of options to spark your own creativity. The bigger your challenge, the more selections from the list you want to add to your freedom management plan.

It starts with salvation, which I will help you with on another page entirely if you need.

  • Education. Books, YouTube messages, magazine articles, radio programs, leave no stone unturned in understanding your particular challenge from every angle.
  • Memorized scripture passages. Prayer is power. The Word of God is power. Combining them is spiritual dynamite. Say them out loud.
  • Pray without ceasing. Out loud if possible. Not just on your knees, I mean at all times everywhere. In the shower, in the car, while you do dishes, in your mind on a bus or grocery store line. Put earbuds in and talk out loud on a walk, everybody will assume you’re on the phone instead of crazy. But BE CRAZY because freedom is THAT GOOD.
  • Read the Bible. Get an app on your phone from Bible Gateway. Then you can have any version you need including many audible for free. Some of the versions can be downloaded for offline use as well, all free! Read it out loud.
  • Anointed music. What’s your flavor? Hymns? Modern Christian music? Christian rock? I’m referring to music with lyrics. You want well written lyrics to be able to play in your mind at random when you need them. Or to be used as a tool to drown out the impulses of temptation. Memorized scripture is #1, this is #2 and learning scripture through song fantastic. This one’s hard for me because I’m not really into pop music and most modern Christian music sounds pop to me. But modern worship music, specifically when the lyrics sing TO Jesus and not just ABOUT Him work for me. Find what works for you. Sometimes I just turn a Christian station on in the kitchen and let it go all day whether I’m home or not. Love modernized hymns.
  • Bible Study / Small Groups. Most churches offer groups anybody can join. And there are online groups my friends have enjoyed as well! Find a group that works for you whether in or out of your church if you have a church. My church has an entire night of the week dedicated to care-type groups. Everything from marriages, to finances, to general emotional healing and more. Don’t limit yourself to what’s familiar, find what WORKS for you!
  • Cut back on technology, social media and television. If you want to hear the Holy Spirit you have to learn to embrace the silence. I only allow myself Facebook at night or while killing time in places where I wouldn’t be able to concentrate as an example. And when we moved into our new home I didn’t allow a television or cable hook-up on the entire first floor of the house. My husband bought a 50″ flatscreen for the bedroom and accidentally dropped it during installation. I was happy and he has an iPad.
  • Post-it note scripture verses in frequently seen places. Helps with memorization and reminders. I bought a Cricut so I could put passages all over the walls everywhere. I have zero crafty bones in my body so it’s still in the box, but someday.
  • Professional counseling. Doesn’t sound spiritual but it’s amazingly helpful to assist in the behavioral modification aspect of goal achievement. Accountability is huge. It’s not weakness to need help, it’s proactive and assertive to take the bull by the horns with the help of someone with years of educational training and counseling experience under their belts.
  • Churches in your community. Look outside  your borders! I have a fabulous home church, but I will attend a class, a Bible study, a special speaker or teaching series anywhere I find that helps me explore topics that interest me. That’s how I found my favorite deliverance training class! I Googled the topic with my city name and voila! Found a church close enough to walk to offering it.
  • Coffee chat with like-minded friends. Your friends are a great resource! Be transparent and be mindful of supporting them with their needs as well.
  • Special places. Do you have a favorite coffee shop, park bench, walking path or chair in your home where you can really just relax with a good book or THE Good Book and just soak? I have lots of places. Being a mom, I frequently listen to audio Bible books while driving to and from cheerleading with my daughter. Doesn’t have to be fabulous, just has to be effective! Through repetition ANY place can become special.
  • Fasting. I cannot say enough about the power of fasting for spiritual purposes. Not starving, fasting for spiritual purposes includes extra prayer and Bible study time. DON’T BE LEGALISTIC! If you have to have a hard-boiled egg to take medications DO IT. You and God can define your fast, I fast every week and every week it looks different. This week I had a hugely active fast day where I had to be on my A-game so twice that day I drank a protein shake. I don’t even like those so that was in no way caving in to temptation! Several years ago when I resumed fasting in my life after several years away I simply fasted food. If I wanted a milkshake or Starbucks, I had it. You cannot imagine how hard that fast was!!!! Water only, water + fruit juices, water + vegetables, I have books to recommend. But if you only take one piece of advice from me, this is the one.
  • Church attendance. We are so busy these days. But it is so helpful to be surrounded by people who have prayed, fasted, prepared messages and dedicated their lives to God’s service in this way. The strength you can find in a church that is a good fit is amazing. When I am able to attend my church it feels like a total recharge on my batteries. I’m not always able, again, I don’t get legalistic about this. I have favorite YouTube pastors, I’m always listening to or reading books and nothing but nothing beats The Word of God. CAUTION: There is no perfect church. Look for good enough and treat church like a best friend, overlook the flaws. People run the church and people are human and humans are flawed. Just find a fit. You’ll know it when you find it. It’s worth repeating, just find a fit, not a perfect church.
  • Community service. It probably goes without saying that forgetting yourself altogether might be exactly the best medicine. There are some really truly amazing people out there that just need a little help along the way. Find them. They’ll be more of a blessing to you than you are to them, I promise. And don’t put this idea in a box labeled food bank or shelter or mission. People. That’s what it’s all about. Those types of service opportunities are fantastic, but that might not work in your life, it doesn’t in mine at the moment. My husband’s destiny must be helping people through his job. Home improvements. He is able to help so many people for free it’s really along the level of a calling or destiny in his life.
  • Reminders everywhere. I’m not a fan of pain so I bought a bracelet with a cross I never take off. Some friends have tattoos. I took an amazing vacation alone and put some sand from the beach in a necklace. I have rocks I’ve collected. Little bits and pieces of reminders everywhere that help me keep my focus.
  • Make your own list. This list is not even close to exhaustive. It’s really a jumping off point to spark your own creative ideas.


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